Can Duct Tape Remove Warts?

Can Duct Tape Remove Warts?

It is one of those old wives tales that has been sticking around, so to speak, for years. Does duct tape help remove warts? Well, here’s the idea. People who have warts are often looking for ways to get rid of them, and warts are notorious for popping up and disappearing out of the blue. One of the most popular options is applying silver duct tape over the wart. The theory is, over time, the sticky adhesive helps remove them. Researchers at the University of Minnesota studied the phenomenon and found the tape did not appear to help.

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Myths Aside, What Really Causes Warts?

Myths Aside, What Really Causes Warts?

So, what causes warts? Well, believe it or not, warts are the result of a virus. It’s a viral infection and they can come and go relatively spontaneously. Many people will tell you that they had warts and then they just disappeared as quickly as they came. The thing about warts that needs to be mentioned, of course, is that they actually can spread throughout the body because the virus actually can be spread. What you want to do is talk to your doctor about treatment. There are treatments available that can speed up that process of getting rid of them.

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