Study of Cholesterol and Memory


Yet another study looking at the importance of monitoring cholesterol and keeping it at the proper levels.  Cholesterol is important to monitor and to look at and evaluate. According to a report from the journal of the American Heart Association, people who have lower levels of HDL, the good cholesterol, have a higher risk for memory problems than those with higher levels of HDL.  The information was based on a study of 3,700 adults.  The scientists tested the participants 15 to 17 years ago and then a second time between 2002 and 2004.  They found that those whose HDL levels went down between the two tests had a 61% higher risk for memory problems than those with high HDL levels.  This is not an all or nothing study, but it shows that there’s a relationship.  We’re learning more and more about the link between high cholesterol, heart disease and vascular problems, and dementia.  Clearly, it’s something that we cannot ignore.  We have to look at it, understand it, and learn more as time goes on.   


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Effects of Steroid Abuse

Effects of Steroid Abuse

Steroid abuse is a big problem. We’re still finding issues in high schools where kids are trying to be like the pros, following their poor example and doing what they can to get stronger, bigger, and faster, but the price is too big to pay. Steroids can cause difficulties; damage to the liver, damage to the testicles and sexual development. It can cause heart problems and vascular problems down the road. It can also cause rage. All of these things are things that can affect teenagers. It’s clearly not worth the price.

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