Diabetes and Insulin Treatment

Diabetes and Insulin Treatment

There are two forms of diabetes…type one and type two. In type one, the body does not make insulin to help control blood sugar. In type two, there’s not an absolute need for insulin to be given as a medication. The problem is often how the body produces insulin. There’s a thought that insulin receptors are not working that well. There are medications that can be taken by mouth that help, but many people are afraid of taking insulin. They look at it as an end of the line, as if the disease is beyond treatment, but this is wrong. There is a growing trend in type two diabetes care that’s emphasizing insulin even earlier in use.

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Controlling Type One Diabetes

Controlling Type One Diabetes

Type One Diabetes used to be called Juvenile Diabetes. The condition occurs early in life, and it’s a result of the pancreas not making enough insulin to control the blood sugar. It’s extremely important to control the blood sugar with insulin. If this isn’t the case, there can be both short and long-term effects. This is easier said than done, because it’s important to find the correct dosage of insulin, as well as encouraging a person to take the medicine faithfully. That’s why a new study is so interesting. Researchers at the Nemours Clinic looked at this, and they found that clearly, controlling it with insulin is critical.

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