How Much Is Too Much TV?

girl watching tv

How much is too much TV for your child? Well, if you think your child is watching too much TV, then it probably is too much. That’s one good way to tell. Secondly, are you using the television as a babysitter? Is the TV something which is on all the time, even when nothing else is going on? It’s kind of a background noise. What is on the television? Is it adult programming? Is it Dr. Phil? Is it news? Or are we talking about child appropriate shows? These are things you need to be aware of. You can’t trust the networks like you once did. They put virtually anything on the air.


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Monitoring Violence on Television

Monitoring Violence on Television

Violence on television. All you have to do is look at television and realize it’s getting worse and worse. One of the most difficult areas as a parent to regulate are the commercials that are on TV. You may have your children watching special shows trying to protect them, but during a sporting event, or any major event where the networks are trying to get a great deal of publicity, it is during those occasions when you will find violent advertisements for movies, or even shows that the networks are carrying.

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