Toilet Training…The Battle For Independence


It is a source of constant problems for parents. Should they toilet train their baby? Are they affected by the toilet training? Are they doing a good job? Many parents get upset about it. The bottom line is your child will learn to use the toilet. Don’t put so much pressure on your child that your child actually feels that they have to deal with the toilet training under a gun. The bottom line is this…this is one of the first times your child can exhibit independence and it will be a battle. It’s not done easily.


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Toilet Training Pressure

ImageToilet training is one of those things where parents can get really involved and put pressure on themselves and their child. They more or less look at it as an opportunity or a way to evaluate how smart their child is at an early age. Let me tell you something. Toilet training does not have an association with intelligence. It’s not one of those things we look at and say, “This child is smarter or developing better.” It is clearly a stage of development that is part of the overall picture. Something that needs to be evaluated, but clearly not the only thing.

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