Girls, Sports, and Knee Injuries


A lot of girls are playing sports and that’s a great thing, but one of the problems with the extra sports is the fact that there is an increase in knee injuries.  Women have more lax ligaments.  That’s because during the entire process of delivering babies it’s essential to be able to spread the hips, to relax, and to have a child go through the birth canal.  The same thing that helps in delivering babies is problematic when it comes to injuries, especially in the knee, because those ligaments, like the anterior cruciate ligament, they’re more likely to stretch and to tear.


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Learn to Accept Defeat to Enjoy Winning

Learn to Accept Defeat to Enjoy Winning

Accepting defeat can be very difficult, but it’s very important to learn how to accept defeat. One of the best ways you learn how to accept defeat is by losing, and that’s okay. Part of the problem we have in our society now is many children are not allowed to lose. They’re always put on winning teams. They’re always put in situations where they will succeed. That isn’t necessarily the best thing. Losing makes the fact that you win every now and then seem far more enjoyable. It’s through that path that you get a great deal success.

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