Sinus Infections and Cough


When we think of cough, most of us think that there could be a respiratory problem, a pulmonary problem. But there are many other causes of cough. In fact, one of the ones that can be often overlooked is sinus infections. Sinus infections actually can lead to cough, because what happens is there’s sinus fluid that builds up inside the sinuses, these little holes that we have in our head. They fill with fluid, and then start to drain. When they drain, that mucus-filled fluid goes to the back of the throat, and it tickles the throat, and that tickling can actually cause coughing.


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Dust Is an Allergy Trigger

Dust Is an Allergy Trigger

There is no doubt that dust can be a trigger for allergies and I think that’s the important thing to realize. Dust does not exactly cause allergies, but if someone is allergic, or they’re predisposed to problems with allergies, dust becomes an important trigger. It more or less sensitizes the respiratory system to begin coughing, which then leads to other problems. It also attacks what we call IGE receptors. This also allows the body to start its response.

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