Owners of High-Risk Dogs and Crime Stats

Furry_Friends_710633There’s a very interesting study in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. According to the report, owners of vicious dogs, who don’t bother to get them licensed, may be more likely to commit a crime than owners of non-vicious dogs. The stats? Thirty percent of persons who owned unlicensed, high-risk dogs had five or more criminal convictions or traffic citations compared with only 1% who owned licensed low-risk dogs. In addition, owners of unlicensed, high-risk dogs were 9 times more likely to be convicted of a crime involving children.


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Eating More Chocolate Is Associated with Higher Depression Scores


Eating more chocolate is associated with higher depression scores.  Researchers assessed the mood of 931 participants who were not taking antidepressants using a standard depression scale.  They then correlated the results from those with a food survey.  Those who scored very highly, reflecting probable major depression, reported consuming more than twice as much chocolate as those who were negative for depression.  The findings were similar between women and men.  The researchers speculate that depression may stimulate cravings for chocolate as a form of self-medication.  Animal studies suggest that chocolate may have positive mood benefits, however, they cannot rule out the possibility that chocolate actually contributes to the depressed mood, or that both cravings and depressed mood are caused by a third, underlying factor.  The report is in the Archives of Internal Medicine.


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Body Image and Anorexia


Anorexia is a major health problem in teens and it all has to do with body self-image. Clearly, what we’re finding from Hollywood is the message that anorexia is not that bad of a thing…being thin is a wonderful thing. The reality is it is a big problem that has to be dealt with. If you have a child who is too thin, or losing weight and doesn’t really have a good reason for it, talk with them, but get help. It is the psychiatric help that can be essential.


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Kids Cheating at School or Sports

Kids Cheating at School or Sports

It is a problem that’s occurred for years. Children do tend to cheat on occasion. We try to give them the proper signs so that there’s not that much pressure on them in school, and also to teach them that when they’re in school or in a sports setting, they should play by the rules. If you come across a child that’s cheating, you need to explain to them why it’s occurring. There has to be some sort of discipline or punishment associated with it so it doesn’t happen again; because that type of behavior in a larger setting in human life can become a greater problem.

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A Traumatic Childhood Can Have Long-Term Effects

A Traumatic Childhood Can Have Long-Term Effects

A traumatic childhood can definitely have a long-term effect. You hear many stories about people saying they had a traumatic childhood and issues in childhood that lead to problems years down the road. The fact is it’s true. A traumatic childhood can have an effect. That’s why early counseling is important. If someone is having issues as a child, developmental issues, or problems at home, it’s essential that those things are looked into and that the childhood problems are dealt with on a serious level.

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Pets as a Source of Companionship

Pets as a Source of Companionship

Good news if you’re a pet lover or if you’re a person who feels alone and are having a frustrating time finding companionship. According to a new report in the American Family Physicians journal, several medical organizations, including the American Medical Association, are stressing the importance of pets as a source of companionship. This is on the heels of several studies which have actually looked at the psychological advantages of pet ownership. In addition to this, the American Medical Association and leaders in veterinary medicine have begun a dialogue looking at ways to further study advantages of pet ownership.

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