Dealing with Anxiety


Anxiety is a problem that can affect men and women, but in women it can be particularly stressful…especially in today’s world. Many women are trying to do two jobs. They’re single parents. They’re under different pressures than they were even 40 years ago. That’s not to say that women 40 years ago had it any easier; the pressures are just quite different. What we are finding is anxiety is a problem that can be dealt with, not only with medications, and we certainly have good ones, it can be dealt with counseling. Counseling is a great way to help deal with anxiety.


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A Woman’s Sleep Is Essential for Health


Do you get enough sleep? One of the biggest complaints physicians hear from their female patients is that they don’t. They’re under stress, they’re under pressure, and in addition to that, they have the pressures of their spouse. All of these things come together to make it difficult to sleep and to get that quality time. It is essential, if you are going to be healthy, that you get the sleep you need and the rest you need. If you can do that, you have an opportunity to fight the day’s battles and not feel weakened by them. Sleep is a key tool, a key weapon in your overall health.


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Dealing with Muscle Aches


Muscle aches and pains can be very frustrating. If you sit in one position or if you’re under a lot of pressure, you will find that those aches and pains can occur. It also will happen after you extend yourself if you’re exercising and haven’t been doing that for quite some time. The way you should deal with the muscle aches and pains best is to stretch and improve your flexibility. That’s the most important thing that can play a major role in helping you out. Muscle aches can become frustrating, but you can’t give in to them. You actually have to work through them.


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Edema Can Cause Pain


Edema is another word for a type of swelling.  With edema, you actually have an increase of pressure and that pressure can cause pain.  For instance, if you have edema in the sinus cavities, that edema can actually push against the wall of the skull indirectly through the sinus cavities.  If it does, you’ll actually feel pressure in that area.  Many times doctors are able to tell with their patients where the pressure is just by palpating, or pushing, that area and trying to find out where it occurs. 


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Dealing with Pressure During the Teenage Years


The teen years are a time of pressure, intense pressure. One of the difficulties with the pressure is the fact that teens are often trying to make other people happy and not even knowing their own identity. That puts them at risk for all sorts of problems. The pressure that arises during the teen years can’t be ignored, nor can it be underestimated. If you have a teen, make sure that you communicate with them. Let them know the stories and issues that are out there, and above all, make sure you take the time to speak with them.


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Working Mothers Deal with Many Pressures

Working Mothers Deal with Many Pressures

Working moms have to deal with a lot of issues and one of them is trying to stay in condition while they’re trying to work and deal with the other pressures. There is a psychological, an emotional, and a physical component with working and all of those things need to be considered. One of the biggest strides you can take as a woman who is working is to understand that you don’t have to be perfect. You try to do the best you can, but realize that you are undertaking quite a few stresses all at once and you can only do the best you can to deal with it and not be overwhelmed.

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Taking Time to Relieve Neck Pain

Taking Time to Relieve Neck Pain

You know, neck pain is becoming far more common as more of us actually take the time to sit in front of computers, to drive, to try to play sports on weekends and not taking the rest we need. As all of those things happen, as more and more time is spent in those activities, neck pain becomes more common. One of the problems is we don’t always take the time to relax and relieve that neck pain, and it starts to build. As the pressure builds, people more or less don’t take the medication, steps or rest needed, and it gets worse.

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