Sleep More to Weigh Less


If you’re a child, and you want to knock off a few pounds, one of the theories is just get more sleep. That’s a word from a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology which followed more than 68,000 people over a 16-year period. Now, what they found is that researchers who found patients who caught more Z’s each night tend to put less weight on throughout their entire life. It’s a Case Western University research study. Basically, the amount of sleep you’re looking for is independent, and it varies by age.


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Setting Attainable Goals

Setting Attainable Goals

Every New Years Eve or Day, people make resolutions. What you want to do is make evaluations of your life. Look at the things you’re doing. For instance, don’t attempt to run several miles each day. Make a decision that you will exercise twenty minutes each day. It’s not important to lose 10 pounds a week. Try to lose one pound a week. The key is realism. If you target goals you can reach, you might achieve them. The bottom line is you can have fun.

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