What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


It’s often called trying to find light at the end of the carpal tunnel. People with carpal tunnel syndrome actually have a problem in their wrist where there is pressure and the median nerve gets impacted, or contracted, or pushed upon. When it does, the thumb and parts of the next three digits, especially what we call the lateral side or radial side, they actually get tender and tingling. They don’t feel well and when you spread your hands, and also bend at the wrist, the pain can be reproduced. The way you deal with it is to relieve the pressure on that nerve.


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High Heels and Foot Problems


Certainly they make a woman’s legs look good and they’re very popular, but high heels can make a wide variety of situations more difficult. First of all, there’s the obvious situation that you could turn your ankle and cause that sort of difficulty. In addition, many high heels have of narrow box to the shoe, so the toes are crushed. When the toes are crushed in that position, it can actually lead to nerve damage and a neuroma. The final thing is it can add to bunions and the problems associated with it. Be careful about the shoes you wear.


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Dealing with Nerve Root Irritation

Dealing with Nerve Root Irritation

Nerve root irritation can be severe because not only does it affect the nerve root, but it can actually transfer out to the entire path of the nerve, and if it does, that can be downright annoying. If there is a nerve root problem, you do what you can to try to reverse it, but you may not always be able to do so that easily. One thing is to talk with a physician who is a pain management expert. They’ll be able to go over it with you and talk about the various options.

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