Cold Weather Exercise Cautions

cold weather

It’s tough to exercise in the cold weather, and certainly one of the most frustrating things is that you can pull muscles. You can also put extra pressure on the chest. When you’re in the cold, the blood vessels that go to the heart actually can clamp down, and when they clamp down they can have decreased oxygen supply to the heart. With that decrease of oxygen can come chest tightness and situations resolving and leading into a heart attack. The other problem of course is if you don’t warm up properly, and you don’t stretch out, you can also pull hamstrings and other muscles and tendons.


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Causes of Muscle Strains

Causes of Muscle Strains

Muscles strains are very common. Muscle strains aren’t always from heavy lifting or putting yourself through unbelievable pressure. A muscle strain can have many causes. One of the most common causes of muscle strain is twisting or turning in sleep. If you’re in bed and you don’t sleep in the right position, you can actually strain your muscles. So, it isn’t really the dramatic cause that’s problematic. Those of us, as we get older, often realize that the muscle strains can be very difficult to deal with.

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