Women Feel the Stress of Household Duties and Work

Women Feel the Stress of Household Duties and Work

According to a report in the British Food Journal, three-quarters of British women still do most of the household food shopping and cooking. The study can be duplicated here in the United States where food shopping and other household duties are part of the everyday demands, and this is the case whether a woman has a full-time job or not. It brings up a growing health issue for women. Many women feel tremendous stress trying to do multiple jobs and ultimately feeling that they are not succeeding. They believe they’re not doing anything quite well. The bottom line is women need to have realistic goals and understand that many jobs, especially things you do at home, are almost never successfully completed. It is important to keep things in perspective and not to be too tough on yourself. From a psychological standpoint, and a standpoint of dealing with stress, these issues are important and really need to be looked at.

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Working Mothers Deal with Many Pressures

Working Mothers Deal with Many Pressures

Working moms have to deal with a lot of issues and one of them is trying to stay in condition while they’re trying to work and deal with the other pressures. There is a psychological, an emotional, and a physical component with working and all of those things need to be considered. One of the biggest strides you can take as a woman who is working is to understand that you don’t have to be perfect. You try to do the best you can, but realize that you are undertaking quite a few stresses all at once and you can only do the best you can to deal with it and not be overwhelmed.

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Stresses of the Single Mother

Stresses of the Single Mother

The single mother is no longer the exception. It’s almost the rule. There are many women who either have chosen not to be married or have gone through divorces who have children. In these instances, there are unique stresses to being both the mother and father to a child. A single mother has to play both roles. She has to be a disciplinarian, supporter and/or providing love and care at times that are needed. This can be stressful for the single mom, which is why she needs to also have time for herself and not feel guilty about it when she does.

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