Optical Migraine Headaches

Optical Migraine Headaches

Children can suffer migraine headaches, but they also can suffer what we call optical migraines. An optical migraine is actually a problem with the vision. Much like a migraine headache, it comes along without warning and when it hits, it actually can cause symptoms of a weird sensation or a strange flashing of light. It can be associated with nausea. It can be associated with headache. Optical migraines need to be dealt with. You need to examine and find out what’s going on because there are medicines which can help.

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Dealing With The Pain Of Migraine Headaches

Dealing With The Pain Of Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are very interesting. They’re difficult to treat because in many cases it’s tough to tell if someone has a migraine. The thing about migraine headache that’s important to realize is there’s often some sort of aura, some sort of sense that something is not right. Perhaps there’s a strange smell. The smell of coffee when there is none, or a zigzagging of lights, that sort of thing. Migraine headaches can be treated with medication, especially if they’re treated what we call prophylactically, before the headache occurs because you sense it’s coming on. It’s a very good way to approach it.

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