Studies Are Showing Alternative Medicine Techniques Can Be Helpful


Complementary and alternative medicine include such things as yoga, acupuncture, massage, and tai chi.  In the past, these modalities were considered a far field from medicine, but as a growing number of studies are being performed, the medical community is beginning realize that some of the techniques can be helpful for everything from stress reduction to help with blood pressure.  It may be years before we have enough significant studies to suggest using them as treatment, so what can you do?  Here’s our suggestion…as long as you’re not replacing a tested medical treatment with something like yoga or massage, there’s no reason not to combine it with others.  It makes sense to try things that are good for you. 


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Pain Caused by Lactic Acid

Pain Caused by Lactic Acid

It’s called lactic acid. Lactic acid is actually part of our metabolism. What happens is, when we run or do exercise and go on what’s called anaerobic metabolism, or metabolism without oxygen, that pain, actually in the joints and throughout the body, is the result of a byproduct of the anaerobic metabolism. This lactic acid. Fortunately, as it gets through the system, it’s not as bad. One of the ways to make it last not quite so long and be quite so painful is to drink plenty of fluids.

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