Helping Kids Deal with Divorce


Divorce and children. You cannot underestimate the role that divorce can play. The best thing to suggest to people who are suffering from divorce and dealing with those pressures is to not forget the children; to realize that when they seem okay, they may not be. In other words, you need to talk with them and consistently reinforce what’s going on. There is nothing better than communication. Communication can get you through a lot of those pressures and things you have to deal with under that stress.


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Marital Difficulties and Stress

Marital Difficulties and Stress

Depending on what study you read, the statistics are frightening. Not only is there a high divorce rate in this country, but the stats tell us there are many couples in difficult marriages with stress. If you are in one of those marriages where you can’t get through the day without fighting with your spouse, continuing research by Ohio State researchers suggests it could be taking a toll on your health. Here’s what they’ve found…couples who regularly battle it out have elevated stress levels that affect their bodies’ wound healing capacity. This is particularly important during times of illness and recovery from surgery. Psychiatrists and psychologists have known this for quite some time just by watching patients in various situations. Of course, stress affects us whether we are married or not. The repetitive stress of family illness, or financial worries, or virtually any cause, can take its toll.

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