Study Shows Even Light Smoking Carries Serious Risks


If you’re a person who smokes casually, maybe you light up a cigarette a few times a day in social settings, you probably think it’s safe, but you may want to look at it again.  That’s according to a Norwegian study of 43,000 men and women.  They found that smoking fewer than five cigarettes a day, commonly known as light smoking, triples the risk of dying of heart disease or lung cancer in men.  In women, the increased risk of lung cancer was five times greater.  Researchers looked at a 32 year period.  This is not a small study and it shows the concerns we must look into.  

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Low-Tar Cigarettes May Be Linked to a Certain Form of Lung Cancer

Low-Tar Cigarettes May Be Linked to a Certain Form of Lung Cancer

The news that there may have been changes in the way certain cigarettes are formulated, and the suggestion that this could affect lung disease, is downright frightening. According to a University of California researcher, up to 50% of our nation’s lung cancer cases could be due to this. The research is ongoing, but the thought is that a form of lung cancer called adenocarcinoma may be linked to so-called low-tar cigarettes that have chemicals called nitrosamines. Adenocarcinoma attacks small air sacs far deeper in the lungs. The theory is that people who smoke low-tar cigarettes need to breathe in deeper.

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