Pain Caused by Lactic Acid

Pain Caused by Lactic Acid

It’s called lactic acid. Lactic acid is actually part of our metabolism. What happens is, when we run or do exercise and go on what’s called anaerobic metabolism, or metabolism without oxygen, that pain, actually in the joints and throughout the body, is the result of a byproduct of the anaerobic metabolism. This lactic acid. Fortunately, as it gets through the system, it’s not as bad. One of the ways to make it last not quite so long and be quite so painful is to drink plenty of fluids.

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Exercise and Lactic Acid Build-up

Exercise and Lactic Acid Build-up

It is called lactic acid buildup; when you haven’t exercised in a long time, and you start to exercise, you might feel some pain. Let’s say you haven’t been doing any running but you decide to jog around the block. Well, that pain you feel actually is lactic acid buildup because what you’re doing is, after a certain point, you no longer use oxygen that the metabolism can supply in the muscles. You use what we call anaerobic metabolism, a lack of oxygen, and the breakdown product, or build up of that, is lactic acid. When that gets in the body, it can cause pain.

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