Girls, Sports, and Knee Injuries


A lot of girls are playing sports and that’s a great thing, but one of the problems with the extra sports is the fact that there is an increase in knee injuries.  Women have more lax ligaments.  That’s because during the entire process of delivering babies it’s essential to be able to spread the hips, to relax, and to have a child go through the birth canal.  The same thing that helps in delivering babies is problematic when it comes to injuries, especially in the knee, because those ligaments, like the anterior cruciate ligament, they’re more likely to stretch and to tear.


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Knee Pain a Warning Sign of Instability

Knee Pain a Warning Sign of Instability

Knee pain is actually a good warning for the body because when pain occurs in the knee; it’s telling you that there might be some instability there. With the lack of stability in the knee, there could be a chance for greater injury. So, by dealing with the knee pain, and actually having it evaluated, you could be protecting yourself from further injuries down the road and difficulties in that situation. Knee pain can be painful, but at the same time, it is a great tool to help us do the best we can in dealing with injury.

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Women and Risk of Knee Injuries

Women and Risk of Knee Injuries

We are seeing a growing number of knee injuries in female athletes as females play sports that are more aggressive and require more turning, twisting and changing. The actual injuries can occur, and when they occur, it can cause problems with strength and flexibility. One of the issues is a woman has more joint laxity. As a result, when she moves or shifts, there actually can be a shift in increased pressure on the tendons and ligaments. With that pressure can come stretching and ultimately knee injuries.

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