New Research on Interpreting Dreams

New Research on Interpreting Dreams

Dreams have served as a source of confusion and wonder since people started dreaming. Scientists have studied them, most famously Dr. Sigmund Freud, and there are thousands of theories out there. Now, new research is providing insight into how most people interpret dreams. According to a Carnegie Mellon researcher, people believe that hidden truths present themselves in dreams. This view is consistent across cultural lines and around the globe. According to the latest report, 149 university students in the United States, India, and South Korea made exactly that point. According to the findings, dreams also affect how people act when they are awake. A survey of Boston commuters found that when they dreamed of a plane crash the night before a scheduled air trip, they would be more likely to change their travel plans. Another key point is people attribute the meaning of dreams when it corresponds to preexisting issues.

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