Ice for Inflammation and Swelling


If you have inflammation and joint pain, and you’ve just injured something, and it’s the first few hours, or perhaps you’ve been playing a sport and your shoulder’s tight, rather than pop a medication, consider ice. Ice is free and it can do a great job at decreasing inflammation and swelling. Ice, basically, at a local level, will do the same thing that nonsteroidals and other medications do throughout the body. It’s not necessarily the only answer, but consider ice to reduce that swelling. It can make a really big difference.


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Tibial Band Pain


It’s called the tibial band, and it’s just that.  It’s a band that goes down on the outside of the leg.  It more or less goes from the hip all the way down to the feet in the way it works.  What happens is when the patellofemoral pain occurs in the knee, it can also aggravate what we call tibial pain in the side.  That pain is kind of an inflammation.  It can make you feel as if your knee is giving way, it can cause severe pain, and it can even go down into the feet and cause difficulty.  It’s obviously a concern that needs to be treated.  Stretching often helps. 


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Causes of Pink Eye


It’s called pink eye. The medical term is conjunctivitis, and when conjunctivitis occurs, it basically causes red or pink eyes. There is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. Antibiotics can be used and it is the topical antibiotic applied directly to the eye that is the most effective at treating pink eye. Pink eye is caused by a virus and it can sometimes be confused with allergy symptoms.

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A Look at Elbow Pain

A Look at Elbow Pain

There are all sorts of elbow pain, but one of the classic forms is called lateral epicondylitis. When you are talking about lateral epicondylitis, you’re essentially talking about pain on the outside of the elbow. That pain can be very annoying. It can cause irritation and it’s often associated with playing tennis and sports where you actually are moving and twisting at the elbow. That extra strain can cause problems. One of the best treatments for it is ice to the area because you are decreasing the inflammation.

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Best Ways To Treat Tendinitis

Best Ways To Treat Tendinitis

Sometimes you hear people say, “Oh, it’s just tendinitis. It’s not that big of a deal.” Well, tendinitis can be a very big deal because what you’re talking about is an inflammation of the connection between bones. Tendinitis can be very painful. It can affect the way people perform in athletics and in their daily life. One of the nice things about tendinitis is that it will respond to local treatment, such as ice to the area, but that isn’t 100% of the time. What you need to do is you need to take your time and rest as well as treat with that ice.

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