Women and the Wandering Eye

Women and the Wandering Eye

Researchers say it’s more than a wondering eye that might cause a woman to stray. Feelings of lust actually may be rooted in a woman’s biology, according to a small study of 38 college women in a scholarly journal Hormones and Behavior. Studies from the University of California Los Angeles and New Mexico suggest an evolutionary tendency toward infidelity during ovulation, which is the most fertile part of the menstrual cycle. The study suggests the propensity is more likely if women don’t view their partners as sexy. Along those evolutionary lines, men, more than women, desire a variety of sexual partners, because genes carrying that trait were passed along in men. Women tend to be choosier. Previous research has found that women at mid-cycle report greater sexual attraction to men other than their partners. That’s a result of ancestral belief that good looks often equal good genes for offspring.

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