Pressure and Stress Can Influence Allergies


Can pressure lead to allergic symptoms? It’s a very interesting concept. If you’re under pressure at work, and feel that there’s a great deal of stress on you, it, actually, can cause your immune system to work extra hard. There’s a theory out there that people under pressure actually begin to have more and more problems with their allergies. It’s a concept that’s very interesting, but experts do find it somewhat true that when people are under pressure, they have that difficulty and it’s a difficulty that’s often tough to control.


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Can You Catch a Cold From Being in the Cold?

Can You Catch a Cold From Being in the Cold?

The temperature has dropped and it’s been down there for a while, so the big question is, does temperature change cause you to catch a cold? Most likely your mother told you it can, but medical studies say there is no effect. Basically, colds are caused by viruses, and the spread of viruses, particularly, the rhino virus. There is one theory that cold weather can suppress your immune system and make you more susceptible to problems, but this is under heavy study. In cold months, when the air is very dry to start with, people turn on their heating systems. That dry air can cause allergic symptoms to be made worse.

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