Teeth Brushing and Heart Disease


How important is it to brush your teeth? Well, more and more studies are showing that keeping your teeth and your mouth clean can actually be effective at preventing, of all things, heart disease. That’s right. We have found that people who have bacterial infections, periodontal disease, are more likely to have problems associated with heart disease. Now, whether it’s because of the teeth or it’s because of the fact that certain individuals may not take care of their teeth or their overall health, we’re not sure. But there is clearly that association.


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Women Are Better At Detecting Body Odor Than Men


This is a really interesting study.  It comes from the Monell Chemical Senses Center and it’s in the Flavour and Fragrance journal.  Women may be better at detecting body odor.  A study looked at the ability of fragrances to block body odor and it finds that only two of 32 scents effectively blocked underarm odor when women were doing the smelling.  In contrast, 19 scents effectively reduced the strength of underarm odor for men.  In addition, male underarm odors appear to be tougher to block with fragrances than female underarm odors.  We love studies like this because it looks at the differences we have as men and women, but it also takes a look at the fact that we’re all the same as people.  Many of us face issues with body odor, we face issues with hygiene, and it is clear that looking at these things can make a big difference. 


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Importance of Sleep Hygiene

Importance of Sleep Hygiene

Sleep problems can be associated with what we call poor hygiene. Now, we’re not talking about hygiene related to staying clean. It’s hygiene associated with sleep, and by that it means taking the weird habits that you have and trying to relax them. For instance, you don’t want to be doing work in the bedroom. You can read a little bit but you don’t want to have pressure, excess stimulation, TV, Radio. Those types of things can affect the work you do. Sleep hygiene, like good skin hygiene is very important.

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