Sleep Apnea May Be Associated with Diabetes


Sleep apnea is a very common health problem where people have sleep interrupted with periods of snoring and erratic breathing. We have known for quite some time that sleep apnea is associated with high blood pressure. Now, a new study from Dublin, Ireland, has made the association between sleep apnea and diabetes. The study looked at 8,000 people and found an association. One of the most important points is if you’re someone who has sleep apnea, or suspects that you might, it is worth getting a complete physical and clearly be evaluated for diabetes.


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Stress Affects Your Health

Stress Affects Your Health

You can’t underestimate the role of stress. Stress can lead to high blood pressure. It can actually lead to severe heart problems and problems down the road. It can affect your health. If you’re dealing with stress, take the opportunity to try to find ways to reduce the pressure. To try to kind of cut back on it. Stress is something, a situation, where when you feel the tension, it can affect hormones in the body and cause what we call a catecholamine surge. That is not good if it’s on a consistent basis.

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Too Little Salt in the Diet?

Too Little Salt in the Diet?

It is one of those studies that raises all sorts of dietary issues. A recent report suggests that people who have too little salt in their diet may be worse off than those who have too much salt. As you are probably aware of, a high salt diet has been linked to increases in blood pressure. So the question has been asked, “Who is correct?” The best advice is to stay within recommended daily allowances. What this does is it assures that it is being monitored by people who have looked at things in large numbers of people over long periods of time.

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Be Aware of Medication Withdrawal Symptoms

Be Aware of Medication Withdrawal Symptoms

Medication withdrawal can be a big problem and we often don’t think about it when we’re dealing with medications. If you’re someone who is taking a prescription drug, and you’re thinking about switching off or talking with your doctor, make sure it’s something that you can take and stop. For instance, people who have high blood pressure are often on antihypertensive medications, blood-pressure drugs. They can take them and they stop taking them, and they don’t realize that the blood pressure can rise dramatically as the blood pressure pill is taken away.

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Dietary Choices and Metabolic Syndrome

Dietary Choices and Metabolic Syndrome

It is called the metabolic syndrome; a precursor of all sorts of problems. It can be linked to high blood pressure, and diabetes, and it is definitely having an impact. According to a new report in The American Family Physician, there are certain foods and dietary choices made by women that are associated with a greater risk for the condition. Although the study focuses on females, it’s quite likely this will apply to men as well. According to the report, there are certain foods that jump out. Number one on the list is diet soda. Also, refined grains, processed meats, and fried foods.

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It’s The “Silent Killer” And You Need To Control It

It’s The “Silent Killer” And You Need To Control It

You know high blood pressure can affect women just as well as it affects men. If you have high blood pressure, doctors need to control it; they don’t always treat it; they don’t always cure it. That’s because the long-term effects of high blood pressure are the things that cause damage. If high blood pressure is uncontrolled, you increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. You also can weaken part of the heart muscle. And if your pressure continues to rise and gets too high, doctors have to deal with that quickly. That’s why it’s so important to take your prescribed medication!

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Pregnancy and High Blood Pressure

Pregnancy and High Blood Pressure

It’s important to watch for signs of high blood pressure all throughout a woman’s life, but during pregnancy it’s crucial. Blood pressure is the force inside your blood vessels when your heart beats. If your blood pressure is high most of the time, you have high blood pressure or hypertension. That can lead to stroke or heart problems. High blood pressure is a silent killer since it’s possible to have symptoms or no symptoms at all. During pregnancy, high blood pressure can affect the unborn baby. It’s also associated with serious issues at the time of pregnancy called preeclampsia.

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