Worrying Too Much


Many people spend far too much of their time worrying.  We worry about our families, our money, our futures.  We even worry about how much we worry.  The health effects of all this worry can be devastating.  The stress of worry can increase our blood pressure, the risk of heart disease, even cancer.  According to the Trust for America’s Health, we could be hurting our health by worrying about our health.  Now here are their statistics, statistics that are being looked at looked at very seriously by the American Medical Association.  Thirty-seven percent of people worry about cancer as their top health concern, 14% heart disease, 13% obesity, and 11% chemical terrorism.  Worry is appropriate in small doses.  It can help us anticipate problems down the line.  But let’s face it, you don’t want to overdo it. 


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Childhood Obesity and Diabetes Rates


Diabetes is becoming a huge health issue in this country and the biggest reason is because of the problem of childhood obesity. Young children are more overweight, and as a result, diabetes is going to occur more commonly in them, and the problems associated with diabetes, at younger ages, and that is a key concern. One of the big issues we have is that people will have heart disease, obesity, and other related problems, including kidney problems, at earlier ages. It’s critical that we look into it and make changes.


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Cholesterol Measurement and Heart Disease

Cholesterol Measurement and Heart Disease

There is no doubt that heart disease is a known killer and we have been aware that controlling cholesterol is a major way to reduce the chances of problems, but cholesterol is not the only way we measure these things. At the very minimum, doctors order a lipid panel which includes studies like LDL, or bad cholesterol, triglyceride, and HDL, or good cholesterol. If necessary, we can break it down more. All of this is because as we have studied the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease, we have found there is more to watch than a simple test. You may or may not need many of these specific tests based on your own past medical history and family history, but it can make a difference. It’s very important that you understand that cholesterol measurement, and the various fractionated areas of cholesterol, are important to look into because they can help provide a window into your overall health.

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Fast-Food Restaurants Contribute to America’s Weight Problem

Fast-Food Restaurants Contribute to America’s Weight Problem

Fast-food restaurant. For most Americans, you can’t live without them, but can you live with them? They dot the landscape of our country, city after city, but with a nation on the run, with countless single parents, or couples trying to split time between work and the demands of a heavy family schedule, those fast-food restaurants can offer a quick and often cheap, filling meal. Fast-food restaurants are not entirely to blame for our nation’s growing weight problem. Many offer healthy options, but studies show that most of us turn them down because of other reasons. As a result, we are facing obesity as an issue. The combination of lack of exercise and high fat foods is causing us to be obese. The long-term problems of obesity are great. They include heart disease and diabetes. The bottom line here is we have to do whatever we can to control obesity.

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The Health Benefits of Green Tea

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been used for centuries as a cure for all types of ills. One of the biggest claims by those who endorse green tea is that it helps fight cancer, but studies haven’t supported those claims over the years. What the studies do support is the fact that drinking green tea actually helps reduce the chances of developing a wide variety of problems including heart disease. Tea, in various forms, can help people relax and in many cultures, it’s associated with rest time. The average American drinks 155 cups of tea each year. The good news is that tea is relatively safe, however, be concerned about products that are sold in tea extract pill forms. Again, you can definitely have a cup a tea if everything else is fine and just not worry about it.

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Pomegranate Is the Fruit du Jour

Pomegranate Is the Fruit du Jour

The pomegranate was one of the earliest cultivated fruits. Historical evidence says it was used between 4,000 and 3,000 B.C. In the past five years, the juice it produces has become very popular. People think it might fight cancer and heart disease. Go to a cocktail party and you will hear people having pomegranate martinis. We bring up pomegranate because it’s the fruit du jour. As is the case with many of these remedies, the truth lies in that it doesn’t do everything, but it may potentially help. Of course, back off on the martinis.

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Teeth Brushing and Heart Disease

Teeth Brushing and Heart Disease

How important is it to brush your teeth? Well, more and more studies are showing that keeping your teeth and your mouth clean can actually be effective at preventing, of all things, heart disease. That’s right, researchers have found that people who have bacterial infections, periodontal disease, are more likely to have problems associated with heart disease. Now, whether it’s because of the teeth or it’s because of the fact that certain individuals may not take care of their teeth or their overall health, researchers are not sure. But there is clearly that association.

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