Contact Lenses and Eye Infections

Contact Lenses and Eye Infections

Contact lenses are great, but they can also lead to infection. If you are someone who uses contact lenses, understand that they are great for your eyes, but you’ve got to make sure you wash your hands before you put your contact lenses in. In addition, you want to make sure you clean or purify the contact lens. You don’t want to be in a situation where you actually are putting an infectious agent in your eye, because when you get an infection in the eye it’s very difficult to treat. It can become a serious issue if it’s not taken quite seriously.

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Common Causes of Eye Strain

Common Causes of Eye Strain

Eye strain is a problem that we often see in young adults. Eye strain is not usually associated with allergies. What usually happens with eye strain is when you have a prescription that’s not right, in other words, you have glasses or you’re wearing contacts lenses and it isn’t the right prescription, or if you have a problem with your vision that has not been diagnosed, that’s when you have strain. Another opportunity for strain is when you’re working consistently or long hours on the computer, or reading, or you’re doing a repetitive activity like that, that can lead to eye strain as well.

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Vision Changes During Pregnancy

Vision Changes During Pregnancy

The eyes can change during pregnancy and that’s very common. It is often recommend to women, “Don’t get glasses while you’re pregnant because your eyes could be very different.” It has to do with the elasticity of the lens and the flexibility. Essentially, what really happens is the hormonal changes during pregnancy have an impact on our vision. It’s very important for women to recognize that. They can get short-term treatment, but you really don’t want long-term.

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