Girls, Sports, and Knee Injuries


A lot of girls are playing sports and that’s a great thing, but one of the problems with the extra sports is the fact that there is an increase in knee injuries.  Women have more lax ligaments.  That’s because during the entire process of delivering babies it’s essential to be able to spread the hips, to relax, and to have a child go through the birth canal.  The same thing that helps in delivering babies is problematic when it comes to injuries, especially in the knee, because those ligaments, like the anterior cruciate ligament, they’re more likely to stretch and to tear.


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Early Symptoms of PMS in Girls

Early Symptoms of PMS in Girls

You know, PMS can occur and it can occur even before a child has a period. That’s because there are times where the egg is being released, and during that period of time, you actually can have symptoms and issues surrounding it. Premenstrual syndrome is a major issue, obviously, as women get older, and some have it worse than others, but if you notice that your child has mood swings, or they have issues at a certain time of the month, try to clock it. You may find that they’re in the early stages, before they are actually menstruating, where they’re having some of these changes.

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