High Heels and Foot Problems


Certainly they make a woman’s legs look good and they’re very popular, but high heels can make a wide variety of situations more difficult. First of all, there’s the obvious situation that you could turn your ankle and cause that sort of difficulty. In addition, many high heels have of narrow box to the shoe, so the toes are crushed. When the toes are crushed in that position, it can actually lead to nerve damage and a neuroma. The final thing is it can add to bunions and the problems associated with it. Be careful about the shoes you wear.


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Ingrown Toenails Need Treatment

Ingrown Toenails Need Treatment

Ingrown toenails are very frustrating. Doctors will often have to take care of ingrown toenails and perform surgery. Of course, podiatrists do as well. This condition can be very painful for patients. But the thing about an ingrown toenail that’s very important for patients to understand is that it has to get treated appropriately or it’s only going to get worse. It will get worse, obviously, growing in an inward direction, but also in increasing the pain, pressure and the definite frustration that goes along with it.

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Do Magnetic Insoles Help with Foot Pain?

Do Magnetic Insoles Help with Foot Pain?

You have probably seen them at the drug store; magnetic insoles that are being marketed as a way to help with foot pain. They’re designed for people who stand a great deal at work and have foot pain as a result. They’re not meant for neurologic problems or plantar fasciitis. At any rate, researchers from Rochester, Minnesota, decided to see if they really work. They provided their inserts to people with foot pain and gave others plain insoles with the appearance that magnets were in there. Thirty-three percent of people in the magnet group, and 32% in the non-magnet group said they felt better. Essentially no difference. The result of the study is that there is no doubt an insole can help in about a third of the cases, but overall, the magnets don’t make any significant differences. In other words, there is a placebo effect.

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Shopping and Foot Pain

Shopping and Foot Pain

If you’re someone who is going shopping this holiday season, be aware that you don’t have to wear fancy clothes, in particular, fancy shoes. One of the big problems we see is people wearing fancy shoes and as a result, they experience all sorts of problems with foot pain. Make sure you are casual, you wear sneakers, you’re comfortable, and that you don’t put that extra pressure, because with the foot pain can come a whole series of problems. If you take your time and pace yourself, you’ll do much better.

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Stretching for Tibial Band Pain

Stretching for Tibial Band Pain

It is called tibial band pain. The tibial band is actually this area which goes from the hip all the way down to the foot on the outside of the leg. The tibial band actually is stressed when you do exercises like running, repetitive strain, those types of things. People who have external rotation at the hips are also more likely to have tibial band pain. The best way to deal with it is actually to stretch it. One way is to put one foot in front of the other and try to touch the toes. That will actually stretch it out and help with it.

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Tight Shoes and Health Problems

Tight Shoes and Health Problems

Tight shoes can actually cause many health issues, including compression of the nerves. It can cause a neuroma in the foot, which can be extremely painful. It can increase your risk of plantar fasciitis. That’s pain along the bottom of the foot. In addition to that, tight shoes also can basically restructure the way the feet are and cause bone abnormalities. Wear shoes that are loose and comfortable.

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Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a big word for an inflammation on the bottom of the foot. We all have this lining that runs from the front of our foot to the back, and this lining can actually get very tight and terse. When that gets tight, pain actually can radiate through that. That pain, that plantar fasciitis, usually reveals itself on the first step of the day when you get out of bed. It can be made a lot better by wearing more comfortable shoes. Shoes that provide more support and that are actually better for the feet.