Caffeine In Moderation Is Okay

Caffeine In Moderation Is Okay

Is caffeine good for you? The answer is quite simple. In moderation, there doesn’t appear to be any problems with caffeine. It’s like anything else. When you overdo it, when you have too much caffeine or too much of a stimulant, it can affect your mood, it can cause headaches as a result of rebound, and it can also cause some systemic problems that researchers are looking at more and more. But, again, in moderation, coffee is fine, tea is fine, sodas are fine. You just have to be careful. Physicians do worry about a lot of these stimulant products such as 5-Hour Energy drinks and other ones because you have to very careful about those sudden boosts.

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Caffeine Content in Energy Drinks

Caffeine Content in Energy Drinks

Johns Hopkins doctors want warning labels on caffeinated energy drinks. The scientists who study energy drinks say the beverages should have these labels displaying the caffeine content and warnings about possible health risks from too much caffeine. Some of the energy drinks contain as much as 14 cans of Coke. A regular 12 oz can has 35 mg of caffeine and a cup of coffee has between 80 and 150 mg. Energy drinks contain up to 500 mg of caffeine.

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