Evaluating Ear Infections in Adults

Evaluating Ear Infections in Adults

Ear infections are something that’s seen commonly in a physician’s office, but when doctors see it in adults, they don’t worry necessarily about the ear infections as much as they do about sinus infections. That’s because if the sinuses are affected, it can actually cause increased pressure in the ears and that can lead to difficulty. Ear infections themselves are often treated with antibiotics, but in many cases they just have a viral cause. The virus doesn’t necessarily need antibiotic medicine. They can be treated symptomatically on their own.

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Evaluating Ear Pain

Evaluating Ear Pain

Otitis usually occurs in children, but many older women who tell physicians, “I’m having trouble with my ears, I feel pressure” and they think they have the old classic ear infection, the otitis. Well, in many cases what they really have is not otitis. They have a sinus infection or a problem where they feel pressure in the ears. Obviously, in many cases we don’t need antibiotics for either and in some cases we do, but they can be evaluated by your family doctor who can look at it and make a determination and talk it over with you.

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