Pediatric Dosages of Medicine

Pediatric Dosages of Medicine

There’s been a great deal of information about dangers related to certain cough and cold medications in kids, and it brings up a key point…the need to know about pediatric doses. People talk about pediatric dosages of medicine. Well, the bottom line is this; there are many ways to take medicines, but not a lot of studies have been done in kids. We do studies in adults and then we try to relate them to children. That may not be the most effective thing. You need to talk with your pediatrician. Talk about dosages and the different medicines. Not just the prescription medication, but over-the-counter products as well. If you do that, you will have an opportunity to evaluate them and you clearly put them in a position where they’re getting the best thing for them. Again, these are good ideas because it gives you an opportunity to communicate and talk about questions that you otherwise may not have considered. It’s definitely worth looking into.

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