Helping Kids Deal with Divorce


Divorce and children. You cannot underestimate the role that divorce can play. The best thing to suggest to people who are suffering from divorce and dealing with those pressures is to not forget the children; to realize that when they seem okay, they may not be. In other words, you need to talk with them and consistently reinforce what’s going on. There is nothing better than communication. Communication can get you through a lot of those pressures and things you have to deal with under that stress.


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Stresses of the Single Mother

Stresses of the Single Mother

The single mother is no longer the exception. It’s almost the rule. There are many women who either have chosen not to be married or have gone through divorces who have children. In these instances, there are unique stresses to being both the mother and father to a child. A single mother has to play both roles. She has to be a disciplinarian, supporter and/or providing love and care at times that are needed. This can be stressful for the single mom, which is why she needs to also have time for herself and not feel guilty about it when she does.

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