Depression Can Attack Teens


Depression can attack teens, and in fact, it often does. One of the difficult things with depression is it’s often tough to tell if someone is depressed or if they’re just acting like a teenager with the mood swings. What you need to do is have a real close relationship. Try to follow up and make decisions, and look and see how the kids are doing. You cannot take depression lightly. If you have any suspicion, get your teen counseling, because the counseling can make a big difference in preventing long-term problems from occurring.


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Dealing with Anxiety


Anxiety is a problem that can affect men and women, but in women it can be particularly stressful…especially in today’s world. Many women are trying to do two jobs. They’re single parents. They’re under different pressures than they were even 40 years ago. That’s not to say that women 40 years ago had it any easier; the pressures are just quite different. What we are finding is anxiety is a problem that can be dealt with, not only with medications, and we certainly have good ones, it can be dealt with counseling. Counseling is a great way to help deal with anxiety.


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A Traumatic Childhood Can Have Long-Term Effects

A Traumatic Childhood Can Have Long-Term Effects

A traumatic childhood can definitely have a long-term effect. You hear many stories about people saying they had a traumatic childhood and issues in childhood that lead to problems years down the road. The fact is it’s true. A traumatic childhood can have an effect. That’s why early counseling is important. If someone is having issues as a child, developmental issues, or problems at home, it’s essential that those things are looked into and that the childhood problems are dealt with on a serious level.

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Getting Treatment for Anxiety

Getting Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is very difficult to deal with. We, as physicians, often turn to medications and medications are a good option, but you have to look at the underlying issues surrounding the anxiety. Are there problems that need greater treatment? I believe that counseling is a critical part of any psychiatric issue. One of the problems with anxiety is people are afraid to see the doctor. They don’t want to admit they have a weakness. They’re afraid it will somehow follow them throughout their life. Believe me, when it comes to anxiety, I believe you have to look at all these issues, but don’t be afraid of treatment.

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