Long-Term Study Looks at Alcohol Consumption and Abuse

Long-Term Study Looks at Alcohol Consumption and Abuse

You may not believe this, but according to a 50-year study spanning from 1948 to 2003, researchers from the Framingham Heart Study found that people with alcohol abuse problems seem to be holding steady. They examined more than 8,000 health records from successive generations of people who participated in the research. They found that those born more recently tend to drink less over time. The average alcohol consumption of middle-aged men decreased from 2.2 drinks a day to about 1.5 drinks a day. In middle-aged women, alcohol consumption decreased from one drink a day to 3/4 of a drink a day. There is another interesting finding related to drinking habits. The younger generation drank less hard liquor and more beer, though all generations tended to move towards wine as they got older.

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