Information about Ovarian Cancer


It isn’t talked about as much as other forms of cancer, but ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers. One in 57 women develop ovarian cancer and there have been several studies which have shown it runs in families. The major problem with ovarian cancer is it is usually found in the advanced stages and by that point the disease is very difficult to treat and the chance of five year survival is about 20%. Sadly 75% of women are diagnosed at this advanced stage. When ovarian cancer is detected early, before it is spread beyond the ovaries, more than 90% of women will survive longer than 5 years. Unfortunately, the symptoms of ovarian cancer are very vague. Feeling bloated, a sensation of being full even after eating just a small amount of food, low back pain, and fatigue are all signs, but obviously they can mean other things as well.


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Causes of Back Pain


Back pain may be one of the most common health concerns around the world. It’s ranked number two, and it can be caused by a wide variety of problems. It can be from stress; it can be from over exercise; it could be from the fact that you are basically in a situation where you’re not taking the necessary medications you should to control it. All of those things come together. If you have back problems, get yourself evaluated…a functional evaluation…to find out what may in fact be leading to the difficulty, and then you can deal with it and take it from there.


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Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Tips for Relieving Back Pain

When it comes to back pain is the stronger your abdominal musculature is, the better you’ll deal with back pain. The thing about back pain also that’s worth mentioning is the fact that when you suffer from back pain, stretching can make it better. In addition to stretching, doctors find there are other tools we can use to make back pain better. Obviously, sometimes warm heat is a great weapon to be used in the battle against it and doctors don’t use it often enough.

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Deciding on Back Surgery

Deciding on Back Surgery

Most people will have back problems at some point in their lifetime, but how do you decide if you need surgery. Obviously, surgery can help in some cases, but in others it might be more problematic than it’s worth. Here’s what many physician think. Patients at severe risk of long-term neurologic injury benefit from surgery, but if the risk of nerve damage is small or even moderate, back surgeries are often put off or totally avoided. Everyone is not the same. There are certain exceptions to the rule. The people who have severe pain or disability need to be looked at very closely. If you’re considering back surgery, it makes sense to seek a second opinion, perhaps even a third opinion.

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