Allergy to Infant Formula


When you look at formula for babies, you have to understand that certain formulas for babies can cause difficulties.  Usually, though, what doctors do if someone is allergic is physicians actually look at a soy formula because soy formula is one of the ones that is the easiest to tolerate.  Doctors often say that if children are having problems beyond the soy formula, then they need to get it checked out and evaluated by the pediatrician.  What you don’t want to have a child do is have severe diarrhea which is uncontrolled. 


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Should You Exercise While Pregnant?


It is one of the most common questions medical experts are asked.  It comes up in the office and even in social settings.  The question is, “Should you exercise while you are pregnant?”  The answer is yes.  Exercise and proper conditioning can help with the labor and certainly improve your overall blood supply to the baby.  In addition, stretching, flexibility, and exercise are quite helpful and can help at the time of delivery.  But, there is a longer answer we need to stress.  Women who are pregnant need to realize they should not expect to do more than when they were not pregnant.  That’s a very important point.  


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Toilet Training…The Battle For Independence


It is a source of constant problems for parents. Should they toilet train their baby? Are they affected by the toilet training? Are they doing a good job? Many parents get upset about it. The bottom line is your child will learn to use the toilet. Don’t put so much pressure on your child that your child actually feels that they have to deal with the toilet training under a gun. The bottom line is this…this is one of the first times your child can exhibit independence and it will be a battle. It’s not done easily.


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How Much Is Too Much TV?

girl watching tv

How much is too much TV for your child? Well, if you think your child is watching too much TV, then it probably is too much. That’s one good way to tell. Secondly, are you using the television as a babysitter? Is the TV something which is on all the time, even when nothing else is going on? It’s kind of a background noise. What is on the television? Is it adult programming? Is it Dr. Phil? Is it news? Or are we talking about child appropriate shows? These are things you need to be aware of. You can’t trust the networks like you once did. They put virtually anything on the air.


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Adjusting Children to a New Baby

Adjusting Children to a New Baby

We always get excited about having a new addition to the family. Everybody wants to welcome the child, but sometimes a sibling may not welcome that child with open arms. In fact, a sibling can get downright hostile. What we have realized about newborns is the fact that the siblings often are upset about the lack of attention that they’re going to get. That’s why when you’re pregnant you should talk to your child about the fact that a new child is coming. Make them part of the process. Make them feel as if they can contribute as well. It will make a very big difference.

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Research on Oxytocin and Delivering Babies

Research on Oxytocin and Delivering Babies

There’s an interesting report in the New England Journal of Medicine. Actually, the research was done at Tulane and the University of North Carolina. They worked together. What they found is teaching hospital staff in Uruguay and Argentina might have better ways to deliver babies by reducing the chances of the new mom experiencing significant blood loss and undergoing an episiotomy. Here’s what happened. The researchers worked with hospital staff providing workshops and one on one training in order to promote oxytocin use during labor and discourage episiotomies. An episiotomy is an incision in the mother to aid the baby’s exit. After the intervention finished, even a year later, oxytocin use during labor was up 2% to 84% and episiotomies were down 41% to 30%; gains that were not seen at hospitals that did not have those interventions. Chances of blood loss decreased by 45% to 70%.

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Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy

Preconception care is so important and it’s important for many reasons. First of all, a woman needs to know, if she’s going to become pregnant, what she’s facing. What are the pros, the cons, the concerns? But in addition to that, how do you prepare to have a healthy baby? What are the things you can do? For instance, are there certain foods you should eat? Folic acid is a very important vitamin that should be taken before a woman becomes pregnant, and throughout the pregnancy. A lot of women aren’t aware of that, the importance of folic acid. All of these things need to be evaluated and stressed.

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