Migraine Headaches Affect More Women than Men

migraine aura

Men and women suffer from migraines, but if you look at the statistics, women tend to have more migraines than men. Now, there’s a couple things about migraine headaches you should know about. First all, they are often preceded by physicians call an aura. That’s actually a feeling that something is going to happen. This particular aura is a sense. There might be a strange smell, there might be a strange taste, something like that that just doesn’t make sense. This particular aura then can be looked at and evaluated and then be used as a warning that the migraine’s coming on.


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Auras Can Be Associated with Migraines

Auras Can Be Associated with Migraines

It is called an aura; a bright zigzag light effect, a change in vision, or perhaps a strange smell. Often, these auras are normally associated with migraines, but they are not always there 100% of the time.

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