Reducing Symptoms of Heartburn


Heartburn can be very difficult to treat. One of the problems with heartburn is the fact it is repetitive and it really can become annoying. Many people find that they ignore the symptoms. They try to change their foods. Doctors can tell you this much…there are several things that will make heartburn worse, including aspirin, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. They clearly have an effect on heartburn. There are certain things to help reduce heartburn like raising the head of your bed because when you lay down heartburn can be worse.


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Using Aspirin Safely

Using Aspirin Safely

It’s been said that if aspirin came out now, the FDA would not approve it, and they’re probably right. There are so many side effects and problems associated with aspirin. It’s difficult to prescribe, and yet, it’s over-the-counter. And here’s the point, aspirin has many protective things that it does, but it also can lead to problems, such as gastrointestinal bleeding. In young people, it can cause Reye’s Syndrome. In other people, we have issues with rebound headaches, because people take too much of it. Remember, aspirin is good, but it needs to be used judiciously.

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