Ragweed and Oral Allergy Syndrome

Ragweed and Oral Allergy Syndrome

It is called oral allergy syndrome and there is an obvious culprit that starts to bloom in mid-August. It’s every year, and even though we’re far away from it in December, it happens again and again. It’s called ragweed. There are 36 million people who suffer from ragweed allergy, but a significant percentage of these sufferers also have what used to be called pollen food syndrome. It’s now known as oral allergies syndrome. It’s due to a cross reactivity between ragweed and similar proteins that are found in various fresh fruits and vegetables. The classic symptoms include itchiness, tingling, or swelling of the mouth. It can also affect the tongue and the throat. One of the keys is that it happens immediately after eating fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods. Some of the common foods interacting with ragweed are banana, cucumber, zucchini, and melon.

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Teens and Food Allergies

Teens and Food Allergies

This news shouldn’t be surprising because teenagers are known to be risk-takers and think they are immortal. We’re not going to talk about alcohol or drug abuse or driving fast. Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have found that teens are more likely to take risks when it comes to food allergies. Behavior such as not reading food labels or knowingly eating foods labeled “May Contain Allergens” are relatively common. Teens can also be careless. In a poll of 174 food-allergic individuals, the results showed many of them do not always carry self-injectable epinephrine, the medication that is immediately needed in the case of a severe allergic reaction. There were 174 teens in the study and clearly it shows that it is an issue.

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