Unexplained Weight Loss in Teens

Unexplained Weight Loss in Teens

When you see an unexplained weight loss in a teenager you have to think about several things. First of all, you look at their mood. Are they depressed? Are they eating properly? Secondly, is it an intentional thing they’re not telling you about? Are they on a diet? Do they feel they’re overweight and they want to lose weight? Discuss it with them. Beyond that, you have to start thinking about other illnesses. Are there problems associated with it? One other thing…sometimes children go through growth spurts. They may not lose weight, but it looks like they lost weight because they’ve grown up so fast. You’ll also often find that in boys during adolescence.

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Growth Spurts During Puberty

Growth Spurts During Puberty

It is called the growth spurt, and there is no doubt that during puberty, there is a dramatic growth spurt. However, it doesn’t have to end there. What we actually look at are the growth plates. We see if the growth plates close. When they close is when that growth period usually ends to a large extent. There still are a few inches here and there to gain, but certainly not to the degree of prior to the growth spurt. However, the growth spurt is a time where you will see your child eating a great deal more, having those classic growing pains, and yes, getting taller.

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