Laser Treatment and Acne

Laser Treatment and Acne

Lasers are becoming very popular as a form of treatment for people with acne who have failed other treatment methods. But until now it’s been difficult to explain how the lasers work. Now certainly the laser does not decrease sebum production, or kill the bacterium that causes acne. They are the two most common ways other methods attack. But a new report from London says the reason might be that using the laser increases the amount of a chemical called TGF beta. TGF beta decreases inflammation, and if they’re able to increased TGF beta, they’re able to reduce inflammation. If you realize that inflammation is a major problem behind acne, it’s a big step. Essentially, the laser helps the body make a chemical that attacks the inflammation response. It’s all very logical.

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Treatment Options for Teen Acne

Treatment Options for Teen Acne

Teens can get acne. We know that, and we know there are many of treatments for teens with acne. But the thing is this. After a while, if the treatments that you’re using are not working, you have to think about other options. Some of the options include stronger medications that dermatologists can give; medications that have to be followed very closely. One in particular is Accutane. Now Accutane can cause other problems. It can make depression worse, it can affect pregnancies, but it’s something you need to think about as an option in severe cases. Talk with your dermatologist.

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