Depression Can Attack Teens


Depression can attack teens, and in fact, it often does. One of the difficult things with depression is it’s often tough to tell if someone is depressed or if they’re just acting like a teenager with the mood swings. What you need to do is have a real close relationship. Try to follow up and make decisions, and look and see how the kids are doing. You cannot take depression lightly. If you have any suspicion, get your teen counseling, because the counseling can make a big difference in preventing long-term problems from occurring.


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What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


It’s often called trying to find light at the end of the carpal tunnel. People with carpal tunnel syndrome actually have a problem in their wrist where there is pressure and the median nerve gets impacted, or contracted, or pushed upon. When it does, the thumb and parts of the next three digits, especially what we call the lateral side or radial side, they actually get tender and tingling. They don’t feel well and when you spread your hands, and also bend at the wrist, the pain can be reproduced. The way you deal with it is to relieve the pressure on that nerve.


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Benefits of Exercise in Children


It’s never too early to start an exercise program if you’re a young girl. A German study supports the claim. As you probably know, we’re fighting an obesity problem among boys and girls in this country. Experts are searching far and wide to see how diet and exercise issues are dealt with in children. The new report finds that regular exercise in a young girl can actually lower blood pressure by as much as ten to fifteen points as young as age five. Nursery school children in area schools were given 45 minute workouts, and it made a big difference.


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Women Are More Susceptible to Health Effects of Smoking


Women are more susceptible to the health effects of smoking.  Women who smoke may develop severe lung disease at younger ages with lower amounts of smoking.  That’s according to a new study.  Researchers in Norway compared 954 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder to 295 control subjects.  They found that women with COPD were, on average, younger than men who had smoked for fewer years suggesting that women may experience lung damage with overall lower levels of smoking.


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Brain Injury Risk in Children


Brain injuries can occur at any age, but we worry about them a lot in children.  The reason why we worry about them in children and young adults is because kids tend to be a little more aggressive and a little more active.  As a result, they find themselves in situations where they can put themselves at risk for brain injury.  It’s very important that when we’re dealing with young adults and teenagers, we understand that they have to be very careful and have to be told the importance of using proper judgment when they are exercising and not being a little too risky.


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Dealing with Anxiety


Anxiety is a problem that can affect men and women, but in women it can be particularly stressful…especially in today’s world. Many women are trying to do two jobs. They’re single parents. They’re under different pressures than they were even 40 years ago. That’s not to say that women 40 years ago had it any easier; the pressures are just quite different. What we are finding is anxiety is a problem that can be dealt with, not only with medications, and we certainly have good ones, it can be dealt with counseling. Counseling is a great way to help deal with anxiety.


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Sinus Infections and Cough


When we think of cough, most of us think that there could be a respiratory problem, a pulmonary problem. But there are many other causes of cough. In fact, one of the ones that can be often overlooked is sinus infections. Sinus infections actually can lead to cough, because what happens is there’s sinus fluid that builds up inside the sinuses, these little holes that we have in our head. They fill with fluid, and then start to drain. When they drain, that mucus-filled fluid goes to the back of the throat, and it tickles the throat, and that tickling can actually cause coughing.


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