Women Are More Susceptible to Health Effects of Smoking


Women are more susceptible to the health effects of smoking.  Women who smoke may develop severe lung disease at younger ages with lower amounts of smoking.  That’s according to a new study.  Researchers in Norway compared 954 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder to 295 control subjects.  They found that women with COPD were, on average, younger than men who had smoked for fewer years suggesting that women may experience lung damage with overall lower levels of smoking.


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Night Shift Work May Increase Risk for Breast Cancer

X-Ray Mammogram

Very interesting news from Denmark where dozens of night shift workers are receiving cash settlements as a result of developing breast cancer.  There were 37 women involved and, according to reports, there were no other significant factors that might explain the development of breast cancer.  We know night shift work is believed to cause disturbed sleep, fatigue, and digestive problems and a study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center revealed night shift work could increase the risk of breast cancer by up to 60%.  Other studies have not been so convincing, but it is a fascinating report.


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Causes of Fatigue in Women



Many women suffer from fatigue and there are many reasons for it.  One of the things doctors look at is the number of hours of sleep the patient is getting, if they’re feeling pressure, and if they feel that pressure is overwhelming.  But, in addition to that, what doctors worry about is the fact that many women will suffer fatigue because they may have periods that are extra heavy and they get a little bit anemic.  They could be suffering from thyroid issues.  They could be suffering from blood sugar problems.  All of these things can lead to problems associated with the fatigue.


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