Brain Injury Risk in Children


Brain injuries can occur at any age, but we worry about them a lot in children.  The reason why we worry about them in children and young adults is because kids tend to be a little more aggressive and a little more active.  As a result, they find themselves in situations where they can put themselves at risk for brain injury.  It’s very important that when we’re dealing with young adults and teenagers, we understand that they have to be very careful and have to be told the importance of using proper judgment when they are exercising and not being a little too risky.


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Dealing with Anxiety


Anxiety is a problem that can affect men and women, but in women it can be particularly stressful…especially in today’s world. Many women are trying to do two jobs. They’re single parents. They’re under different pressures than they were even 40 years ago. That’s not to say that women 40 years ago had it any easier; the pressures are just quite different. What we are finding is anxiety is a problem that can be dealt with, not only with medications, and we certainly have good ones, it can be dealt with counseling. Counseling is a great way to help deal with anxiety.


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Sinus Infections and Cough


When we think of cough, most of us think that there could be a respiratory problem, a pulmonary problem. But there are many other causes of cough. In fact, one of the ones that can be often overlooked is sinus infections. Sinus infections actually can lead to cough, because what happens is there’s sinus fluid that builds up inside the sinuses, these little holes that we have in our head. They fill with fluid, and then start to drain. When they drain, that mucus-filled fluid goes to the back of the throat, and it tickles the throat, and that tickling can actually cause coughing.


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Ice for Inflammation and Swelling


If you have inflammation and joint pain, and you’ve just injured something, and it’s the first few hours, or perhaps you’ve been playing a sport and your shoulder’s tight, rather than pop a medication, consider ice. Ice is free and it can do a great job at decreasing inflammation and swelling. Ice, basically, at a local level, will do the same thing that nonsteroidals and other medications do throughout the body. It’s not necessarily the only answer, but consider ice to reduce that swelling. It can make a really big difference.


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Owners of High-Risk Dogs and Crime Stats

Furry_Friends_710633There’s a very interesting study in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. According to the report, owners of vicious dogs, who don’t bother to get them licensed, may be more likely to commit a crime than owners of non-vicious dogs. The stats? Thirty percent of persons who owned unlicensed, high-risk dogs had five or more criminal convictions or traffic citations compared with only 1% who owned licensed low-risk dogs. In addition, owners of unlicensed, high-risk dogs were 9 times more likely to be convicted of a crime involving children.


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The Stress of Being Laid Off


There are difficulties in today’s stressful economy and one of the big problems is the stress after being laid off.  Many people have to deal with the problems associated with that and it can be very difficult.  That’s one of the problems with a stressful economy.  People sometimes build their identity in the work they’re doing and the jobs they have.  When those jobs are taken away, it is a situation where someone can actually become depressed because of it.


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Benefits of Assisted Living


It is called assisted living, and for many people, that term has a bad connotation. They’re thinking, I’m going to be put away. Where am I going to be? What am I going to do? Well, let me tell you something. Assisted living is not necessarily a bad term for people who actually want to stay in a situation where they want to be independent, but at the same time, get help. Assisted living centers actually allow you to be independent, but they’ll help you with the things like shopping, the activities of daily living, and you get that help if something bad happens to you.


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Evaluating the Vitamins You Take


There are many vitamins out there and certainly they play a major part in our lives, but the specific vitamins you take, the strengths and weaknesses, all need to be evaluated.  One of the things physicians often talk about when they mention vitamins is the fact that they don’t come without a price.  You have to know which ones you’re taking and if, in fact, there are side-effects or concerns associated with them.  Doctors will tell you that the more you know, the better you can use and take advantage of them as part of your overall health care. 


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Dealing with the Pain of Depression


We keep writing about pain such as joint pain, stomach pain, chest pain, foot pain, headaches, etc. But one of the worst types of pain isn’t a pain that you can measure, like you can measure on that level. It’s the pain of depression. One out of six people suffer from depression at some point in their life and when they have the problems, they feel as if their world is collapsing around them. You see depression is like someone has taken a dark curtain and put it in front of your eyes. Dealing with depression can be very difficult and we have to do all we can to help those who suffer.


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Early Diagnosis of Migraines Is Important


As many as one out of five people suffer from migraine headaches. These headaches are usually quite severe and they are preceded by an aura, or a strange sensation, like a flashing of light or a strange smell. They’re often diagnosed as sinus headaches, tension headaches, or a variety of other types of head pain, but a new study out of Columbia and highlighted by the Journal of the American Medical Association is stressing the importance of early diagnosis. That’s because the cycle of a migraine can often be cut short through the use of drugs called Triptans. These medications are available in a wide variety of forms, including pills, inhalers, and even injections. Migraines can be unusual. They don’t always cause headaches, and they can actually cause a wide variety of symptoms from visual disturbances to stomach problems. Migraines need to be taken seriously. Clearly they are a problem that have to be dealt with.


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