Study which Linked Measles Vaccine to Autism Turns Out to Be Fraudulent


Here’s the bottom line…a study linking measles vaccine to autism was fabricated.  That it was a fraud is very disturbing.  The reason why this is the case, is you have parents who have children with autism who have been sold a bill of goods. They are frustrated because they were looking for answers.  Why did their child have this condition?  But even more important than that, for those children who have not had the vaccine, for those parents who have questioned it, for physician who have had that conversation with patients hundreds of thousands of times, all of this information leads to confusion.  It’s one thing if someone makes a mistake, but if it’s downright, outright fraud, you’re in a situation where it takes the entire medical system, the entire way we base our decisions about whether treatments are good or bad, and discredits it. There is a seed now planted in people’s minds that there is something wrong with these vaccines and that there’s a link with autism.  That is not something that will be erased by one report like this.  That question is ongoing.  We’re not saying it’s a bad thing to question, we are saying it’s a bad thing to question when you have misinformation.

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