Cholesterol Measurement and Heart Disease

Cholesterol Measurement and Heart Disease

There is no doubt that heart disease is a known killer and we have been aware that controlling cholesterol is a major way to reduce the chances of problems, but cholesterol is not the only way we measure these things. At the very minimum, doctors order a lipid panel which includes studies like LDL, or bad cholesterol, triglyceride, and HDL, or good cholesterol. If necessary, we can break it down more. All of this is because as we have studied the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease, we have found there is more to watch than a simple test. You may or may not need many of these specific tests based on your own past medical history and family history, but it can make a difference. It’s very important that you understand that cholesterol measurement, and the various fractionated areas of cholesterol, are important to look into because they can help provide a window into your overall health.

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