Do Magnetic Insoles Help with Foot Pain?

Do Magnetic Insoles Help with Foot Pain?

You have probably seen them at the drug store; magnetic insoles that are being marketed as a way to help with foot pain. They’re designed for people who stand a great deal at work and have foot pain as a result. They’re not meant for neurologic problems or plantar fasciitis. At any rate, researchers from Rochester, Minnesota, decided to see if they really work. They provided their inserts to people with foot pain and gave others plain insoles with the appearance that magnets were in there. Thirty-three percent of people in the magnet group, and 32% in the non-magnet group said they felt better. Essentially no difference. The result of the study is that there is no doubt an insole can help in about a third of the cases, but overall, the magnets don’t make any significant differences. In other words, there is a placebo effect.

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