Just How Important Is Pre-Natal Care?

Just How Important Is Pre-Natal Care?

Just how important is pre-natal care? Well, if you talk with most obstetricians, they will tell you that the steps taken prior to getting pregnant and those during pregnancy are crucial. The most important steps are screening for infection, getting dietary counseling and learning about the things that can be risky for your unborn baby. There are common sense points; things like avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, but there are also lab studies that can determine if you and the baby are healthy. The bottom line is, you have the best chance to have a healthy baby if you and your doctor are prepared for the complications that could arise during delivery. So, here’s the point…what you need to do is take the time to make an appointment with your physician when you’re thinking about getting pregnant, or at the very least, when you find out that you are. Many of those things that you can’t anticipate on your own your doctor can work with you. Just think about it…your doctor’s been through thousands of deliveries and has the ability to talk with you about the strengths and weaknesses.

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