The Urgency Of Talking With Your Teen About Sex

The Urgency Of Talking With Your Teen About Sex

It’s a key issue…sex and teens. It’s a topic that urgently needs to be discussed. Obviously, parents don’t want to have to deal with this issue, but the bottom line is you must discuss it with your teen. You have to evaluate what’s going on and let them know about potential risks and problems. It’s very important that teenagers be treated as adults. You have a golden opportunity to explain to your teen the potential problems that can occur, and that early sex can lead to serious lifelong issues; not only sexually transmitted diseases, but the potential of responsibilities, like unwanted pregnancy, that will be difficult to deal with.

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  1. I couldnt agree more! Many parents postpone this vital discussion and feel its too early to talk about sex with their teens. What they fail to realise is that their teens are already being bombarded with wrong twisted ideas. Parents need to get their counsel in there first! Dont wait! The peddlers of wrong teachings are NOT waiting.

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